Dolmen Centre - Kilclooney, Portnoo, County Donegal

Play area

This was completed in 2006 and has proved a valuable asset to the locality and the parishes beyond. It consists of Swings, Slides, Climbing frames, Tunnels, Abacus and safety matting.
Due to the high cost of insuring such areas, the Dolmen Centre were fortunate to have Donegal County Council lease (and insure) the facility, and the Committee are indebted to them for doing so.

Astro Turf

This facility was completed in August 2008 and is the culmination of much lobbying and fund seeking by the Committee. The pitch has been part funded by the Dept. of Sports to the tune of €112K, and the Committee have now successfully completed payment of any outstanding monies. This is the only pitch of its type in the parishes of Ardara or Glenties and it is hoped that it will be well supported by these residents. The fully floodlight pitch has tempted many former footballers to dust off their old boots…and trip the light fantastic.

Wind Turbine

The former 6KW wind turbine was replaced in 2007 by a Jacobs 20KW wind turbine. This 25M erection required special planning permission and took significant effort on behalf of the Committee to get it connected to the electricity grid. We hope that when fully functioning it will be able to handle the current electrical needs of the centre.

Monday: 7-10, 8-10 Badminton, Gym Open
7-8, 8-10 Junior Badminton, Gym Open (Members Only)
Wednesday: 7-10 Gym Open (Members Only)
Thursday: 7-10, 9-10 Adult Badminton, Gym Open
Friday: 7-9, 9-11, 7-9 Competition Badminton, Indoor Bowls, Gym Open (Members Only)
Saturday: 12-4,Gym Open


Downstrands Family Resource Centre

This project was set up in 2006 and the initial timeline was 3 years. Kate Morgan is the Project Leader and under her stewardship it has blossomed and blended seamlessly into the community. Achievements include the setting up of a Youth Club, Christmas Parties, Official Opening by former Minister of State Michael O’Kennedy, (a very successful) Men's Sheds, Counselling Service, Under Age Disco's, Summer Camps, Newsletters and much more.

The Mens Sheds group saw the construction of 8 handbuilt wooden boats ranging in size from 17 to 21 feet. The Group have been shortlisted for a national award in 2013 and the Dolmen Committee wish them the very best of luck.


Mother & Toddler

This has been running for a number of years now and in 2007, moved from one day a week to two. The resource has been welcomed and well utilised by parents of pre-school children. The Main Hall is used and a well supplied Toy Store is adjacent to this which gives the children hours of entertainment (and the parents an odd quite moment!)

Landscaping and Car Park

In 2006 the Centre managed to have the grounds planted, kerbs laid and disabled parking provided. This project included the provision of a bridge across the Duvoge river, which allows access from the Chapel car park. It was the long term wish of the Committee to have the Car Park lined and tarmaced and this came to fruition in 2008.